‘Focus’ is a Chill & Jazzy Hip Hop, Boom Bap mix to help you focus while studying, gaming, working…

 Tracklist :
Brock Berrigan – Split Decision
Bonus Points – Pizza and Video Games
GYVUS – This Time
L’indécis – Happy Hours
Clem Beatz – Practice #Session 1 Scratch (Oh Yeaaah!)
Globul Dub – Foreign Exchange
Globul Dub – Morning Mist
GYVUS – Tōzen
Poldoore – Dream On
Kondor – Abstract Jazz
Kondor – Waves
Poldoore – Come Back 
Poldoore – SolsticeHandbook – Bloom
Kondor – Flame Twin
BLT. – High Life
Mounika. – One Day At The End


Download Focus: